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    1. 文章詳情

      TR518SII drawer

      • 產品名稱:TR518SII drawer
      • 產品型號:TR518SII drawer
      • 產品廠商:TRI
      • 產品文檔:
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      TR518SII drawer Series is the new Manufacturing Defect Analyzer (MDA) platform. The MDA platform is equipped with a long lifespan Quick Disconnect Interface (QDI), with up to 2560 testing points. Due to its versatile design and ease of integration with Robotic Arms, the TR518 SII DRAWER ict solution can enhance the throughput of the production line.

      TR518SII drawer


      tr518SII drawer MDA:


       ? High Accuracy, Reliability and Testing Speed Modular MDA

       ? User-Friendly Operation with Full MDA Test Capabilities

       ? Cost Effective Platform with QDI Fixture Interface


      Tester Specifications

      Analog Test Points

      2560 analog test points

      Operating System

      Microsoft® Windows 10

      Fixture Type

      Offline with Long Lifespan Quick Disconnection Interface

      Analog Testing

      Analog Test Hardware

      ·        6-wire measurement switching matrix

      ·        Programmable AC/DC/DC High voltage and current sources

      ·        Component R/L/C measurement

      Optional Components

      Analog Hardware

      ·        TestJet vectorless open circuit detection

      ·        Programmable High Voltage DC Source up to 100V / 100 mA

      Yield Management System

      YMS 4.0



      896 x 1020 x 1600 mm


      402.5 kg

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